History and Mission

The Center for Oncology in Pediatrics Foundation (COP Foundation) is committed to its mission and achieves it by bringing awareness of the plight of children living with cancer and raising capital for treatment. COP Foundation focuses only low income families who deal with this deadly disease with the same courage but less financial means. The foundation raises funds for state-of-the-art treatment for families from the poorest of communities who cannot afford it themselves. Thus, providing an opportunity to heal the child’s body and spirit.

The Center for Oncology in Pediatrics Foundation’s history and mission are the same. By witnessing a HOPE for life, the foundation strives to provide a HOPE for life. COP Foundation understands that raising the human spirit so one may heal is accomplished through the power of uniting together.

The start of the Center for Oncology in Pediatrics Foundation is humble, unlike its mission to save the lives of children with cancer. The foundation was inspired by a visit to Centro Oncológico Pediátrico de B.C. (COP) located in Tijuana, Mexico. Witnessing a pediatric oncology center that gave sick, underprivileged children and their families a glimmer of HOPE was something COP Foundation’s founders could not turn away from; a chance to heal the child’s disease and their spirit. Sickness of any kind in a child is heartbreaking, but when the sickness is one that may be terminal, it is both heart and spirit breaking. The founders witnessed the careful and nurturing healing of both body and spirit at COP and committed, from that moment forward, to create a foundation to assist families with children receiving treatment at COP.

The Center for Oncology in Pediatrics vigorously continues with its fundraising efforts and awareness campaigns as to support Centro Oncológico Pediátrico de B.C. and the angels it hopes to heal. The beginning of HOPE looks the same as the middle and there is no end. Please, be a contributing partner of COP Foundation’s mission today.

Past Event:

HOPE 2014
GALA & Benefit Concert

with special musical performance by:
Senator Ben Hueso and Friends

Presenting Sponsor: PepsiCO

Join us for HOPE 2015
Gala & Benefit Concert

(date to be determined)