Center for Oncology in Pediatrics Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit tax exempt organization. We are the philanthropic funding source for the Centro Oncologico Pediatrico de Baja California, A. C., one of only two Specialized Pediatric Cancer Treatment Centers located in Mexico.


We make it safe, easy and fun for anyone to give internationally. COP Foundation awards international grants while meeting all US laws and regulations. We visit our project monthly and issue report updates quarterly. Our project relies entirely on the generous support of donors like you to continually save lives of children with cancer.

You can be part of our solution!

It is the size of the drop that matters, not the size of the bucket!

The Problem

State of Baja California and Mexico cancer outlook

  • Today, pediatric cancer is a neglected area. It is the # 1 reason for death of children between ages 5 – 14.
  • Today, six children will die from cancer.
  • Today, there is only about 180 medical oncologists for a population of over 122,000,000.
  • Today, 46% of the population lives below the poverty line of a monthly income of: US $145.26 in cities or US $92.30 in rural areas.
  • Today, 52% of the total child population of 33,000,000, does not have access to medical care.
  • The 5-year survival rate for pediatric cancer was only 10% in 2007.

The solution
is working together with you!

Together, we provide all medical services free of charge.

Together, we provide excellence in diagnostics the first time.

Together, we provide immediate personalized medical treatment.

Successes Achieved

Together, with our generous donors and The Centro Oncologico Pediatrico de Baja California, A. C., we have achieved:

  • Over the past 14 years, thanks to international philanthropy and you, we have improved the 5-year survival rate from 10% to more than 83% at our pediatric hospital today.
  • Our 5-year survivorship rate numbers are still double the national average today.
  • Our initial scope was to only serve children living along the California – Baja border. Due to the number of children not having access to medical care, we have attended children from over 13 states in Mexico and San Diego as well as Ecuador.
  • In 1989, Mexico’s National 5-year survivorship rate was only 15%.
  • In 2007, The State of Baja California’s 5-year survivorship rate was only 10%.

Our Community Impact

Centro Oncologico Pediatrico de Baja California, A. C.
2003 - 2018 results


Total children treated


Guidance, medical evaluations & outside services


Full medical cancer treatments

Gifts raised in Mexico (USD)


Spent on medical treatments


Spent on construction


Fundraising Priorities

Click on the fund where together we can make the biggest difference for the greatest number of children.

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We invite 1,000 donors to commit to donate an un-restricted contribution of US$1,000 per year for the benefit of the Hospital. Funds will be used for state-of-the-art equipment, new projects and attract and retain the best physicians, nurses and staff.

The Benevolence 1000 Fund

This pilot fund is raising US$120,000 to offer cutting-edge Tumor DNA Sequencing Laboratory Analysis for 20 children to determine the best treatment available for their specific kind of tumor.

COP-Curematch DNA Pilot Fund

By choosing to donate monthly, you allow us to have a predictive income to treat children medically and fulfill our promise to children’s parents that they will never have to pay for treatment or other type of bill.

Sponsor-A-Child Monthly Fund

By donating here, you are providing much needed resources for our largest expense. These funds will be used to treat children medically including medication, laboratory work or specific equipment needed.

Children’s Medical Treatment Fund

By donating here, you are choosing to direct un-restricted funds to our hospital. Our hospital will then be allowed the flexibility to allocate resources more efficiently and where the needs are greatest to best serve our children.

Greatest Immediate Needs Fund

We are raising US$20,000,000 to finish Phase II of our existing facility. We will double the size to 88,581 sq. ft., grow to twenty-six beds and triple the number of children being treated. Perpetual Naming Rights are available.

Capital Campaign Phase II Expansion

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