Our Mission

Our Foundation is dedicated to inspiring donors to make a great impact on the lives of economically disadvantaged children suffering from pediatric cancer through their financial generosity. We seek to transform children’s cancer-care through inspirational giving by inviting philanthropist to work with us to provide state-of-the-art diagnosis and medical treatments as well as on resolving most problems, needs and issues limiting a child’s full recovery. We are able to raise, manage and distribute international grants to very specific, highly beneficial and proven programs. This process is having an immediate, significant and measurable impact on our community footprint by saving children’s lives, reducing illness, pain, and preventable death. Additionally, we will spend much time bringing awareness to the plight of children who are in need of qualified medical treatment to survive childhood cancer.


All transformational gifts are directed to a very select number of proven programs carried out at The Centro Oncológico Pediátrico de Baja California, A. C., a highly specialized, non-profit hospital located in Tijuana, Baja California. The Hospital has been treating children and their families suffering from cancer for over 14 years, free of charge.

Our Vision

Our foundation’s vision is that every child needlessly suffering from cancer will have access to state-of-the-art oncology diagnosis and treatments regardless of income level and where both, the body and spirit of the child and family, are nurtured and healed. If you are interested in participating in our cause, we invite you join us in making this promising future a reality through your inspirational philanthropic investments.

Our Foundation

The Center For Oncology In Pediatrics Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit public benefit tax-exempt organization established in 2008

Our Foundation

For more than 10 years, the Center for Oncology in Pediatrics Foundation has been fully dedicated to inspiring donors to make a great impact on the lives of economically disadvantaged children suffering from pediatric cancer through their financial generosity.  We seek to transform pediatric cancer-care in Mexico through effective philanthropy by having donors support our efforts of providing access to quality health-care, state of the art diagnosis & medical treatments as well as on resolving most issues, needs and problems limiting a child’s full recovery.

Our International Grants

We do our best to assist US donors in having their charitable donations benefit international causes which are close to their hearts. All gifts raised through various campaigns and events for the benefit of our six fundraising programs, are awarded via International Grants to highly effective and proven programs at the Centro Oncologico Pediatrico de Baja California, A. C.

To award and distribute grants, we first will have received and analyzed a specific proposal with appropriate budgets, made suggestion or improvements on the program and carefully reviewed the impact these funds will have.  Once awarded, grants are carefully managed, supervised and directed so that each donors’ funds are used as directed by them in the gift.  We evaluate progress and results in addition to following up with donors on a quarterly basis on how their funds were spent and on goals achieved.  In all cases, we carefully follow all applicable IRS, US Treasury and US Department of State regulations.

Our Goals

Today, the goal of our Foundation is to raise funds for each of our six programs in addition to raising US$20 million in philanthropic support to expand Phase II of our existing facilities. Through these programs, we intend to double the size of our existing facility to 88,581 square feet, purchase new medical and diagnostic equipment, much needed furniture and furnishings while also tripling the number of beds to 26 and tripling the number of children treated.  Additionally, we are creating 24-Month reserves for medical treatments and staff.  Through our programs you can support the different areas of pediatric cancer-care that touch you most deeply.

Our Direction

The Center for Oncology in Pediatrics Foundation is directed by a Board of Directors that establishes policies for our foundation and determines fundraising priorities that align with the goals and needs of the Centro Oncologico Pediatrico de Baja California, A. C., as well as their leadership. The board is committed to fulfilling its fiduciary responsibility to ensure that our donor’s US tax deductible donations are used solely as they have been designated by them for programs at the Centro Oncologico Pediatrico de Baja California, A. C. For the past 14 years, our hospital has made a significant impact on saving and treating children with cancer throughout Mexico.

How We Help

COP Foundation awards international grants to promote the welfare of children suffering from cancer who live on both sides of our southern border. We seek to have all donations have an immediate impact on these children’s lives through instant, cost free, cutting-edge medical care for those not able to obtain any healthcare.

Meet Our Team

Stephen G. Saunderson

President, Officer
Board Member

Cell: 619-808-7979

Dr. Jose Honold

Vice President, Officer
Board Member

Cell: 619-507-8443

Arian Jaff

Treasurer, Officer
Board Member

Cell: 858-967-0334

Roberto Castro

Board Member

Cell: 619-571-9614

Roberto Encinas

Board Member

Cell: 619-666-5985

Hector J. Vanegas

Board Member

Cell: 619-778-1802

Guillermo Camarena

Board Member

Cell: 858-518-6617

Gabriel Guido Oliva

Director of Research

Cell: 619-204-0891

Susana Honold

Director of Events & Volunteers

Cell: 619-997-7295

Joaquín Zavala

Honorary Board Member

Cell: 619-997-7295

Rich Geisler

Honorary Board Member

Cell: 619-857-3373