The Problem

State of Baja California and Mexico cancer outlook

  • Today, pediatric cancer is a neglected area. It is the # 1 reason for death of children between ages 5 – 14.
    As more than half of the families in Mexico are un-insured and do not have a safety net, finding out that their child has cancer is considered a death sentence as they have no resources of any kind to confront the problem.
  • Today, six children will die from cancer.
    One child dies every four hours from Pediatric Cancer – approximately 6 per day. In Mexico, on average only 53% of patients survive cancer after 5 years. Additionally, it is ranked in the world as # 11 in terms of population but for their healthcare expenditures they are ranked # 70, # 97 in infant mortality and # 104 in access to improved sanitation facilities globally. (Source: World Bank)
  • Today, there is only about 180 medical oncologists for a population of over 122,000,000.
    There are only 180 oncologists in the country of Mexico to serve a population of over 122 million people. 3.26 per million people. In the US there is 29.3 oncologist per million people.
  • Today, 46% of the population lives below the poverty line of a monthly income of: US $145.26 in cities or US $92.30 in rural areas.
    Most live in poverty, lack access to most medical services, lack access to proper medical diagnosis, suffer from a lack of a timely diagnosis as well as a lack of access to proper medically trained doctors specialized in oncology. Even if medical treatment were available, the families do not have the income needed to treat this sickness in any way.
  • Today, 52% of the total child population of 33,000,000, does not have access to medical care.
    Over 52% of the children in Mexico are completely un-insured. This is based on a total of 33,000,000 children ages 0-18. As mentioned above, this un-insured group lacks access to most medical services, lacks access to proper medical diagnosis, suffers from a lack of timely diagnosis as well as lack of access to properly trained medical doctors specialized in oncology. As above, even if medical treatment were available, the families do not have the income needed to treat this sickness in any way.
  • The 5-year survival rate for pediatric cancer was only 10% in 2007.
    In 2007, the 5-year survival rate for children with one type of cancer known as Acute Leukemia in Baja California was only 10% (90% died).

The Solution
is working together with you!

Together, we provide all medical services free of charge.

Our non-profit hospital treats all children who fall through safety nets. We are focused on treating children who are suffering from pediatric cancer and provide them with the latest in medical diagnosis and treatments which are all available to them free of charge. We do not let them abandon treatment, ignore medication or avoid following through. All of this is possible thanks to generous donors such as yourself.

Together, we provide excellence in diagnostics the first time.

By having highly trained teams, we provide excellence in diagnostics the very first time. So many kids are affected by mis-diagnosis that by the time they reach us, their medical condition has worsened. We are constantly searching to raise funds to obtain new diagnostic equipment to be as precise and as quick as possible. Our latest budget needs are over US $2,500,000 to obtain the newest and latest equipment. Please consider donating to help us purchase medical equipment.

Together, we provide immediate personalized medical treatment.

Our team is experienced and specialized in pediatric cancer. As soon as a child is admitted a whole series of tests begin, proper diagnosis is performed and a determination is made on type of cancer the child is suffering from. All of this is carried out by experienced medical teams that are only treating cancer. Treatment begins immediately. We have all medications on hand at the hospital which are used to treat children.

Successes Achieved

Together, with our generous donors and The Centro Oncologico Pediatrico de Baja California, A. C., we have achieved:

  • Over the past 14 years, thanks to international philanthropy and you, we have improved the 5-year survival rate from 10% to more than 83% at our pediatric hospital today.
  • Our 5-year survivorship rate numbers are still double the national average today.
  • Our initial scope was to only serve children living along the California – Baja border. Due to the number of children not having access to medical care, we have attended children from over 13 states in Mexico and San Diego as well as Ecuador.
  • In 1989, Mexico’s National 5-year survivorship rate was only 15%.
  • In 2007, The State of Baja California’s 5-year survivorship rate was only 10%.

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